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IIS Informant: Installing FrontPage Server Extensions Unattended

We're trying to develop a method for installing IIS 5.0 in unattended mode. We're using Sysocmgr and an answer file; however, we haven't been able to get Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions to install with the answer file. Do you know whether the unattended setup procedure outlined in the Microsoft article "How to Change the Default Installation Paths for FTP and the Web" (;en-us;q259671) has any bugs?

Details about configuring an answer file for Sysocmgr are in unattend.doc, which is in \support\tools\ on the Windows 2000 and Win2K service pack CD-ROMs. You can also download the Service Pack 2 (SP2) version of at Unattend.doc contains a list of all the Win2K components and options you can install in unattended mode, including IIS 5.0 components. Unattend.doc states that adding the entry


to the \[Components\] section of an answer file installs the FrontPage Server Extensions. However, this technique doesn't work. (The documentation seems to be in error, but I haven't found a Microsoft article or paper that corrects this mistake.) Instead, add the entry


to the \[Components\] section of your answer file, and you'll be good to go.

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