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2020's Top Network-Based Team Collaboration Tools

Team collaboration can be a challenge without the right software to allow document sharing, editing, and team communication. Here are this year's best tools for working together over any distance.

As workforces disperse, network-based team collaboration technology has become an essential tool for brainstorming, planning, client engagement and other essential business tasks.

Organizations searching for the best collaboration platform have a wide range of services to choose from. As 2020 gets down to business, here's a rundown of today's top collaboration tools offering the capabilities users most appreciate.

Cisco Webex Teams

With Cisco Webex Teams, all work takes place inside dedicated spaces and teams. Messaging, file sharing, video meetings, white boarding, calling and numerous other tools are designed to bring users together by streamlining tasks and encouraging teamwork.

Richard Buxton, a director at N4Stack, a database, DevOps and cloud services firm, said he likes how the spaces feature allows him to quickly start or continue conversations via text, voice or video. He noted that the service also integrates easily with other business systems. "For example, if a new incident is logged in our ITSM (IT service management) platform, ServiceNow, I can receive an instant message in Webex Teams and click the link to go directly to the incident," Buxton explained. "These integrations allow me to connect to other systems without having to get a developer to write specific code."

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