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FCC approves Microsoft’s unreleased 120GB Zune

Long Zheng reports on a new Zune model on the horizon:

Ever since Samsung had announced their new 120GB 1.8-inch hard drive in April 2007, Zune fansites has been buzzing with anticipation of a new Zune fitted with the higher capacity drives. Now the wait is nearly over as the FCC publishes a test report (and I assume approves) of the new 120GB Zunes.

The 120GB Zune pictured above looks identical to the 80GB Zune and that’s expected since the hard drive is of identical size too. The firmware used is nothing special too - version 2.5 (1614).

It’s probably fair to guess the new 120GB Zune will retail for $299.

So, this is fine. Apple sells a 160 GB iPod classic after all (for $349). But obviously what's needed is a dramatic expansion of the Zune hardware lineup. In addition to tweaking the current products, I'd like to see a tiny flash-based device and a mini-tablet-style device aimed specifically at TV shows and movies, though of course the latter will likely never happen until Zune Marketplace sells and rents movies. (Speaking of which, is it too soon to resuscitate the monthly subscription idea, this time tailored to movies and TV shows? Netflix is pretty much doing it. How cool would it be to pay $10-$20 a month for unlimited access to a decent collection of shows?)

Anyway. Progress is progress. And of course Apple will release new devices in September that blow all of this away.

Thanks Sebastian V.

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