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FastReports Releases 1.6, for ASP.NET and WinForms Reporting

FastReports, a developer of reporting solutions, has released 1.6, a reporting solution for Windows Forms and ASP.NET. The new version of includes the ability to save report templates and reports to Report Definition Language (RDL) and allows users to work with Microsoft Reporting Services templates. Also, FastReports has fixed nine bugs in the new version.

Among the improvements in 1.6 are:

  • New properties have been added: Report.InitialPageNumber, TextObject.ParagraphOffset, and PreviewControl.UseBackColor
  • New actions have been added:
    • import of WritingMode property when importing template from RDL format
    • saving of TextObject.Angle property when saving template in RDL format
  • an IsNull function to check DB columns for null
  • FNC1 symbol encoding in the Datamatrix barcode (use &1; sequence)
  • Open Document Text, XPS, DBF exports in WebReport
  • ability to replace built-in query builder lets users extract data from any database to create a query, letting users include input parameters, if required, before running the report. Results can be printed and exported in multiple document formats. can be used with the Visual Studio 2010, 2008, and 2005 and Delphi Prizm IDEs.

The Basic Edition is priced at $99 for a single license, and the Professional Edition costs $499 for a single license. To learn more about the product, and for a free download, visit

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