Included eBooks

Mel Beckman's Virtualization Decision Support Guide

The New Era of Virtualization

Greg Shields on Virtualization

Mark Minasi's 5 Years of Power Tools

PowerShell 101: A Quick-Start Guide to PowerShell

Windows 8 Tips

Pocket Guide to Outlook Tips and Techniques

Pocket Guide to Group Policy

Pocket Guide to Configuring and Troubleshooting DNS

Over 100 Hours of eLearning Training Videos

Active Directory and Group Policy

Troubleshooting Group Policy
Session 1: Understanding Group Policy Structure & Processing
Session 2: Best Practices for Group Policy Troubleshooting
Session 3: Advanced Techniques for Group Policy Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Active Directory
Session 1: Troubleshooting Active Directory-Related Problems
Session 2: Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication
Session 3: Best Practices in Active Directory Disaster Recovery

Active Directory Security
Session 1: Mastering Active Directory Permissions Delegation
Session 2: All You Need to Know about Read Only Domain Controllers
Session 3:Kerberos Uncovered

Keeping your Active Directory on Track Today and Tomorrow
Session 1: What's New in Windows Server 2012 Active Directory
Session 2: Mastering Active Directory Security Permissions Delegation
Session 3: Active Directory Disaster Recovery


Truth, Art, and the Zen of SQL Server Performance Tuning
Session 1: Where is My Performance Issue?
Session 2: Remove Your SQL Server Performance Barriers
Session 3: Index Tuning Foundations

Master Reporting Services Expressions
Session 1: Introducing Expressions in Basic Report Design
Session 2: Extending Report Features with Expressions
Session 3: Dynamic Report Features and Creative Designs

SQL Server for Non-Database Specialists, Part 1
Session 1: SQL Server Basics
Session 2: SQL Server Administration
Session 3: SQL Server High Availability

SQL Server for Non-Database Specialists, Part 2
Session 4: SQL Server Performance
Session 5: SQL Server Security
Session 6: Planning New SQL Server Deployments

SQL Server Consolidation, Part 1
Session 1: SQL Server Consolidation Basics
Session 2: Gathering Information to Make Consolidation Decisions
Session 3: Applications and SQL Server Consolidation

SQL Server Consolidation, Part 2
Session 4: Considerations for SQL Server Consolidation
Session 5: Approaches for a Consolidated SQL Server Architecture
Session 6: Administering and Maintaining a Consolidated SQL Server Environment

Essential Skills for SQL Server DBAs
Session 1: Core Tasks and Responsibilities for DBAs
Session 2: Disaster Recovery and Data Availability
Session 3: Managing SQL Server Performance

SQL Server Foundations
Session 1: Core SQL Server Engine Concepts
Session 2: SQL Server Administration Techniques
Session 3: Practical Backup and Restore
Session 4: Infrastructure and Windows Concepts for the DBA
Session 5: SQL Server High Availability
Session 6: Performance Tuning Strategies

Practical SQL Server 2012 Improvements for Businesses
Session 1: An Overview of SQL Server 2012's AlwaysOn Features
Session 2: Disaster Recovery Best Practices and SQL Server 2012
Session 3: An Overview of SQL Server 2012's Power View


Administering SharePoint 2010 & 2013 with Windows PowerShell
Session 1: A Practical Jump Start to Administering SharePoint with Windows PowerShell
Session 2: Go Beyond the Management Shell with SharePoint and Windows PowerShell
Session 3: What’s New in PowerShell in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365
Session 4: Automating SharePoint Administration with Windows PowerShell

Programming SharePoint Business Connectivity Services
Session 1: Foundational BCS Concepts and Components
Session 2: Advanced Data Access Concepts and Components
Session 3: Advanced User Interface Concepts and Components

Out of the Box SharePoint 2010 Development with JQuery, Access Services, and SharePoint Designer
Session 1: SharePoint Designer and ASPX Pages
Session 2: JQuery and SharePoint
Session 3: Access Services

Developing on the SharePoint 2010 Platform
Session 1: How to be a SharePoint Developer
Session 2: Programmatically Accessing, Updating, and Using the Terms Contained within the Managed Metadata Term Store
Session 3: Creating SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Controls

Administering SharePoint with Windows PowerShell: Zero to Sixty in Three
Session 1: A Practical Jump Start to Administering SharePoint with Windows PowerShell
Session 2: Go Beyond the Management Shell with SharePoint and Windows PowerShell
Session 3: Automating SharePoint Administration with Windows PowerShell

Mastering SharePoint (Developers)
Session 1: Creating Custom Field Types and Controls for SharePoint Sites
Session 2: Creating & Debugging Custom Timer Jobs in Windows SharePoint Services
Session 3: Leveraging the Content Query Web Part to its Full Potential

Mastering SharePoint (IT Pros)
Session 1: 21st Century File Sharing - Configuring & Managing Document Libraries
Session 2: Building Code Free SharePoint Applications and Business Intelligence Lite
Session 3: Forms-Based Authentication and Extranet Deployment Options for SharePoint 2007

Mastering SharePoint 2010
Session 1: Design and Architecture Fundamentals
Session 2: Configuring the Environment, Part I: Look and Feel and User Experience
Session 3: Configuring the Environment, Part II: Tools and Features
Session 4: Application Development Options
Session 5: Building SharePoint Applications
Session 6: SharePoint Governance Best Practices

Preparing for SharePoint 2013 - Based on Two Years of Lessons Learned
Session 1: Back to the basics—The Server Object Model
Session 2: Ajax—The Client Object Model
Session 3: Preparing your Code for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Success: Governance, Administration, and Adoption
Session 1: Get Real with Governance: Selling, Creating, Designing & Implementing SharePoint Governance
Session 2: The SharePoint Administrators' Missing Manual
Session 3: Big Wins with Business Intelligence Lite: High Value, Low Effort Solutions

SharePoint Designer 2010
Session 1: Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010: Top 5 Great Things to Know!
Session 2: Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010, InfoPath 2010 and Visio 2010
Session 3: Creating Data Centric Composite Applications using SharePoint Designer 2010

Upgrading to SharePoint 2010
Session 1: Preparing for and Crafting the Right Upgrade Approach
Session 2: Optimizing the Migration Process
Session 3: Tuning the New SharePoint 2010 Environment

SharePoint Services and Administration
Session 1: What's New in SharePoint Services and Administrations
Session 2: A Practical Ramp Up for Administering SharePoint with Windows PowerShell
Session 3: Installation and Upgrade


Deep Dive into VMware vSphere
Session 1: VMware Virtualization Capabilities and the vSphere Platform
Session 2: Deploying and Managing vSphere
Session 3: High Availability and Resource Management with vSphere

Deep Dive into Hyper-V R2
Session 1: Microsoft Virtualization Capabilities and the Hyper-V R2 Platform
Session 2: Deploying, Managing, and Migrating to Hyper-V R2
Session 3: Highly Available Hyper-V R2 Implementations

Leveraging VMware's Technology
Session 1: New Features/Upgrading to vSphere 5.0
Session 2: Optimizing VM performance with ESX
Session 3: Virtualization Backup and Disaster Recovery


Getting the Most from Exchange 2010
Session 1: Bigger Mailboxes, Fewer Disks, Less Money
Session 2: Virtualization The Straight Scoop
Session 3: Exchange Management Shell

Major Changes in Exchange 2013
Session 1: What’s New in Client Access in Exchange 2013
Session 2: What’s New In the Exchange 2013 Mailbox Role
Session 3: A Guided Tour of Outlook Web App 2013


PowerShell 101
Session 1: Using Simple Commands
Session 2: Beads on a String
Session 3: Variables (Not Available)

PowerShell 201
Session 1: Decisions and Flow Control
Session 2: Sorting, Grouping, Displaying and Formatting Data
Session 3: Tips and Tricks: Importing and Exporting Data

Windows and Windows Server

Deep Dive into Windows 7 Deployment
Session 1: The Windows 7 Platform
Session 2: Preparing for a Windows 7 Deployment and Desktop Upgrade
Session 3: Architecting the Right Desktop Infrastructure

Deep Dive into Windows Server 2008 R2
Session 1: Windows Server 2008 R2 Architecture Modifications, Key New Features and Capabilities
Session 2: Advancements in Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Services
Session 3: What’s New With Active Directory and Group Policy

In-Depth: Windows Server 8 Beta
Session 1: Windows 8 Interface and Management
Session 2: Windows Server 8 Core Features
Session 3: Virtualization with Windows 8

Mastering System Center 2012
Session 1: System Center 2012 Overview and Liscensing
Session 2: System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
Session 3: System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager
Session 4: System Center 2012 Operations Manager
Session 5: System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager and AppController
Session 6: System Center 2012 Orchestrator and Service Manager

Deep Dive into Business Intelligence in Excel 2013's PowerPivot and Power View
Session 1: Creating Models for Data Analysis
Session 2: Working with DAX Formulas to Enhance Your Data Model
Session 3: Using Power View to Explore Data for Insight

Developing a Self-Service Business Intelligence Solution
Session 1: Analyzing Data with PowerPivot for Excel
Session 2: Enhancing Data Analysis with DAX Calculations
Session 3: Managing Self-Service BI with PowerPivot for SharePoint

Silverlight: Effective Business Application Development
Session 1: Embracing Data Templates
Session 2: Effective Silverlight - Colors, Brushes, Images, and Transparency
Session 3: Client Architecture in Silverlight

Silverlight: The Time to Learn Is Now
Session 1: Jump into Silverlight and Become Effective Immediately
Session 2: Declarative UI Programming with XAML - Silverlight
Session 3: Building Multi-Touch ScatterView Applications in Silverlight

Building on Your Silverlight Knowledge
Session 1: Using Resources and Styles in Silverlight
Session 2: Bind Anything to Anything in Silverlight
Session 3: A Gentle Introduction to 2D Animation in Silverlight

Intermediate Silverlight: Going Beyond the Basics
Session 1: Introduction to Styling
Session 2: Understanding Control Templates
Session 3: Advanced List Control Techniques


Testing with Visual Studio 2012
Session 1: Visual Studio 2012 Unit Testing using Fakes and Mocks
Session 2: Create and Run Load Tests in Visual Studio 2012
Session 3: QA Testing with Microsoft Test Manager 2012

Developing WinRT Apps for Windows 8
Session 1: Ramp up on Effective WinRT Development
Session 2: Application Lifecycle and Navigation Model with a Touch of Live Tiles
Session 3: Share, Search, and Settings Contracts

Programming Fundamentals, Beyond the Basics
Session 1: Introduction to LINQ
Session 2: Save Almost Anything with .NET Serialization
Session 3: Understanding Delegates and Events

Creating Great User Interfaces
Session 1: Measuring Quality and Interactions
Session 2: Presenting with Clarity
Session 3: Rethinking Existing UI and the Business Case for Great UI

Mobile Web Development Featuring jQuery Mobile
Session 1: Mobile Web Development
Session 2: jQuery Mobile
Session 3: jQuery Mobile Advanced with ASP.NET

From Zero to HTML5 in Three Easy Sessions
Session 1: From Zero to HTML5 in 60 Minutes
Session 2: CSS for the HTML5 Developer
Session 3: Tips to Spice Up Your HTML5 Apps (Even If You Are Not A Designer!)

ASP.NET MVC for the Real Programmer
Session 1: Layer Up Your ASP.NET MVC Code
Session 2: Using Action Filters to Increase Readability
Session 3: Layer Up your JavaScript Code in ASP.NET MVC Views