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The Exchange Team Blogs about the iPhone 2.0 Software

The Microsoft Exchange Team Blog:

Apple released iPhone 2.0 today which includes a software update to the existing iPhones in the market (yes, we mentioned it when it was announced as well).  We're thrilled to add them to the family of Exchange ActiveSync licensees that enable all sorts of devices to connect to Exchange Server.  For those of you that manage Exchange Servers this means you may see some new devices connecting and we wanted to give you a few notes about what to expect.

Apple has published an Enterprise Deployment Guide for organizations that are deploying iPhones.  This is where you should look for Administrator info on the technical side of what Apple has created.

We're glad to have Apple connecting their devices to Exchange Server and hope you have fun using these tools to stay informed about when iPhones connect to your Exchange Server.  We're always looking to hear how people are using our technology and we'd love to hear your experiences.

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