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Evernote now in open beta

If you've been waiting for this, good news: The Evernote beta is now open. Via email:

This has been an amazingly exciting week here in Evernoteland. Here's
what we've been up to:

  • Evernote is now in open beta! No more invitations required. Tell all
    your friends.
  • We unveiled our Premium subscription level. More on this below...
  • The Evernote Web interface has been completely redesigned
  • We launched the amazing, new Evernote Web Clipper bookmark button. More on this below...
  • Evernote Web now fully supports Firefox 3

Sign in to see what all the excitement is about:

Premium subscriptions (sign up and get a FREE t-shirt, details below)

Premium subscribers get a 500 megabyte monthly upload allowance
(compared with 40MB for free accounts), enhanced security through SSL,
priority image recognition, and premium customer support. All this for
$5 per month, or $45 for the year. Sign up for a year of Evernote and
get a FREE limited edition American Apparel Evernote t-shirt.

Free users will keep all of the features of the closed beta, including
automatic synchronization between Windows, Mac, Web, and mobile
clients, as well as our advanced image search. There is no limit to
the total number of notes that you can store. Free accounts can upload
up to 40 megabytes of new notes into the service every month.

Learn more about premium accounts here:

New Web Clipper

Evernote lets you clip and save web pages right into your account with
a single click. With the Evernote Web Clipper you get more than just a
link, you get context too, including images, text, and the source URL.
Now, whenever you see an article, blog post, recipe, product, or
travel destination that you want to remember, select the interesting
information and click the clipper button. Everything is sent directly
into your Evernote account so that you can access it whenever you want.

Learn more about the web clipper here:

This is a major milestone for the Evernote Beta, and we could not have
achieved it without your suggestions, ideas, and support.

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