Symantec Managed Endpoint Protection Services Moves Client Security Monitoring to Cloud

Now available, the product lets Symantec monitor your end user protection software, freeing up IT pros.

Symantec is attempting to address the increasing amounts malware and decreasing IT budgets by moving the tasks and updating and monitoring end-user protection off site. Symantec Managed Endpoint Protection Services, now available, transfers these tasks to Symantec itself.

The new service is aimed at the enterprise level and provides 24/7/365 monitoring by Symantec. Symantec makes sure that anti-malware signatures and management consoles are updated and configured and monitors for threats. Symantec can also use the information to detect if an unprotected computer is connected to your network and spreading malware. If Symantec detects a problem, they contact your company within 10 minutes.

Admins can log into Symantec's portal and view their network as well, and Symantec can store your data for over 90 days in case you need it for compliance.

Managed Endpoint Protection Services is an agent that's installed on the server that companies using Symantec's client protection software already have. The service is offered as a monthly subscription with a fee based on 2500-system blocks. Visit the Managed Endpoint Protection Services site for more information.

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