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Free Guide: Get Started with Ubuntu Alamy

Free Guide: Get Started with Ubuntu

This guide provides essential Ubuntu tips for beginners, including how to install Ubuntu on a computer or virtual machine, set up Ubuntu virtual machines, and use commands to monitor system resources.

Ubuntu is frequently touted as an attractive alternative to Windows and a smart way for users to get started with Linux. As an operating system, it is free, user friendly, and backed by an enthusiastic user and developer community.

Taking your first steps into Ubuntu doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, installing Ubuntu Desktop can take just a few minutes to complete.

This guide, Get Started with Ubuntu, offers a general introduction to Ubuntu for beginners or those looking to expand their skills. In this guide, we:

  • Explain what you need to know about this Linux distribution, including Ubuntu’s main benefits and drawbacks
  • Walk you through the process of installing Ubuntu on a computer or virtual machine
  • Illustrate how to set up an Ubuntu virtual machine on a Windows desktop
  • Show you how to install Docker on Ubuntu
  • Teach you Ubuntu commands for monitoring system resource usage.

Take advantage of this free download!

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