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WinInfo Daily UPDATE--Microsoft Buys into VoIP--August 31, 2005

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In the News
- Microsoft Buys into VoIP
- MSN Adds Antiphishing, Games Capabilities to IE

==== In the News ====
by Paul Thurrott, [email protected]

Microsoft Buys into VoIP
Microsoft announced yesterday evening that it had acquired Teleo, a provider of VoIP software and services. The acquisition will let Microsoft add more VoIP features to MSN Messenger and other MSN services in the future.

"Teleo has great technology to deliver superior VoIP quality and an excellent overall customer experience," said Microsoft Corporate Vice President Blake Irving, who runs the MSN Communication Services and Member Platform group at the company. "This acquisition opens up infinite opportunities for Microsoft to enable even more relationship-centric communications experiences for our customers in the future."

Previously a privately held company, Teleo had been planning to introduce a service that would allow customers to place phone calls from their PCs using Microsoft Outlook or Internet Explorer (IE). The Teleo software would have allowed users to right-click any phone number displayed on their PC and dial it from the PC using VoIP technology. Microsoft has already added free VoIP-based PC-to-PC audio and video functionality to MSN Messenger 7.0, which the company released in April 2005.

MSN Adds Antiphishing, Games Capabilities to IE
Microsoft's MSN division has begun offering two new add-ons for the MSN Search Toolbar. The first, a beta version of Microsoft's Phishing Filter add-on, helps protect users against Web-based scams. The second, the Games add-on, helps connect consumers with online gaming services at MSN Games. When Microsoft released the MSN Search Toolbar earlier this year, the company promised that it would extend the product with several add-ons. These two releases are among the most full featured thus far.

"Our on-going mission for MSN Search is to help people find precisely what they want and seamlessly access the information they care about," Dane Glasgow, product unit manager for MSN, said. "These latest add-ins provide people with unparalleled opportunity to add value to their MSN Search Toolbar for one of the most popular online activities---online games--while protecting their browsing experience."

The beta Phishing Filter add-on is, perhaps, the more important of the two. Originally announced as a feature of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0, the Phishing Filter helps protect users against phishing Web sites, which seek to impersonate banks, e-commerce sites, and other trusted entities. If the filter determines that a Web site is suspicious, it flashes a warning. Known bad sites are simply blocked.

If you're using IE, the Phishing Filter is reason enough to get the MSN Search Toolbar. You can download add-ons for the Search Toolbar, including the Phishing Filter, from the MSN Web site.

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