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Windows Phone Book: Email 0.4

An update to the first draft version of the Email chapter in Windows Phone Book

As promised, here’s an update to the first draft of the Email chapter in Windows Phone Book. This update adds a number of additional tasks, some of which were pointed out by readers.

Carl C. sent me a great email noting the following missing tasks/information:

  • Pin individual folders to start screen
  • When forwarding an email containing attachments, one must download the attachment(s) before forwarding, or else they will not reach the recipient
  • The number next to a pinned email icon is not the same as unread emails
  • The setup for generic IMAP/POP email accounts is problematic

Looking over the app, I also spotted a few additional missing bits:

  • Voice-to-text: You can “speak” the subject line and body of email messages
  • Calendar integration: You can accept meeting requests in Mail

There are a few other additional tidbits, plus I moved some content around so that the order of the tasks made a bit more sense. (For some reason, one of the email folder tasks was separated from the other two.)

With the understanding that the word “complete” will always have quotes around it, here’s another stab at a “complete” first draft of the chapter. I’ll be moving on to the Music, Videos, and Podcasts chapter (except an update to that soon) and then the Internet Explorer and Games chapters.

Download Email 0.4

Download Windows Phone Book 0.021

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