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Why & Why Not?

This review focuses on 32-bit fax servers that support high-end, multiline fax adapters. Some of the products I received didn't meet these criteria but they are worthwhile and noteworthy in their own right.

  • Fax C++ Software Development Tool Kit from Black Ice Software: This kit allows you to develop your own fax application or fax-server implementation.
  • Enterprise Fax Router from Watermark: This product adds value to existing Optus, Alcom, and Winfax PRO fax servers by expanding the routing capabilities between server and clients and expanding the overall client toolset.
  • FAXport from LANSource: This fax server doesn't support multiline fax adapters. However, it does support up to four fax/modems on a concurrent basis.

Faxware from LANWare was originally scheduled to be part of this review, but I couldn't install it due to defective media. Replacement media didn't arrive in time for me to include it.

Contact Info
Black Ice Software * 603-673-1019
LANSource (Canada) * 416-535-3555
LANWare (New Zealand) * +64-9-360-2995
Watermark Software * 617-229-2600
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