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What's Hot: Products from AJSystems, Insight Software Solutions, and Small Wonders Software

Readers highlight exceptional products that help them do their job

Enhance Your Outlook Express Experience, Express Assist,, 905-847-9106

Windows & .NET Magazine reader Carel Schilp from Amsterdam, Holland, nominates's Express Assist as a top product. He says, "Every Microsoft Outlook Express user knows the headaches that having to fix or move an Outlook Express installation to a new machine causes. Express Assist makes your Outlook Express experience a lot easier. In this program, you'll find all the badly needed functionality that Microsoft should have included in Outlook Express but didn't. The keywords that describe this program are: simple, hassle-free, no headaches, peace of mind."

Express Assist is a data backup and restore utility that lets you view any message in the backup file without having to restore the message. You can back up all or a select subset of your mail folders, including all attachments, as a compressed backup file. You can also back up and restore your Windows Address Book. The Quick Backup feature lets you perform a one-step backup by using the parameters from a previous backup operation. The software runs on Windows XP/2000/Me/9x systems and costs $34.95 for a single-user license.

Automate Any Windows Action

Insight Software Solutions, Macro Express,, 801-927-5009

Insight Software Solutions' Macro Express is a Windows automation tool that lets you record, edit, and play back mouse and keyboard macros. Macro Express lets you execute a macro either as a hot key, as a shortkey, as a timed micro, as a pop-up menu, or when a certain window appears on your computer.

Rey Fulgencio of Chula Vista, California, recommends Macro Express as a top product. He says, "It automates any Windows action that you can think of. I let my computer do the work on any repetitive tasks that I have to undertake—from changing passwords, accessing SNMP information, uploading and testing new system codes, and loading new configurations. I managed to cut down a lot of wasted man-hours. We're required to change our passwords every six months. Usually, this can take us 2 to 3 days. With Macro Express, we're able to automate our repetitive tasks with less error. Give it a try and you'll be amazed what you can do with it." Macro Express runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x systems and costs $39.95.

Lighten Your Daily Administrative Load

Small Wonders Software, Secure Copy and Security Explorer,, 407-647-4555

Christopher Watson of Huntsville, Alabama, provides high praise for Small Wonders Software's Secure Copy and Security Explorer solutions. Watson says, "We continue to use Secure Copy. It copies directories from one location to another and retains all of the global file permissions. It makes migrating data a breeze." Secure Copy can reduce migration time by incrementally synchronizing data between servers. The software migrates only the data that has changed on the source server since the last migration. You can migrate files, folders, shares, and local groups while making sure their security stays intact. You can manage the migration time frame and the migration's details. The software runs on Windows Server 2003/XP/2000/NT.

Watson says, "We also use Security Explorer, which has allowed us to find all of our local permissions, then replace them with global ones. You can copy, replace, or remove any security permissions you want. It's great for incremental changes and allows for clean-up later. The software lets you back up your current settings; in case of a mistake, you can change them back in a matter of minutes." Security Explorer lets you search for and modify Windows XP/2000/NT security on NTFS drives, the registry, and shares. You can view and set permissions to any file on the network.

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