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What's Hot - 22 Apr 2003

Readers highlight exceptional products that help them do their job

Simultaneously Make Changes to All Systems
Lieberman & Associates, User Manager Pro,, 310-550-8575, 800-829-6263

Windows & .NET Magazine reader Steve Preactor of Baltimore recommends Lieberman & Associates' User Manager Pro as a hot product. He said, "User Manager Pro lets me change the local administrator password on numerous NT servers in one fell swoop from one screen."

User Manager Pro also lets you, for example, change the membership list of the local Administrators group on all your workstations without having to write a script. You can also change local account passwords, standardize and clean up all local accounts, manage accounts across multiple domains, add groups to multiple machines, and control rights on local systems.

User Manager Pro costs $499 for the Enterprise Starter Pack, which includes five system licenses and 1 year of support. Additional system licenses with 1 year of support are $19 per system, available in five system increments. The software runs on Windows XP/2000/NT systems.

Get More Functionality in OWA
Messageware, Plus Pack OWA 2000,, 905-812-0638

Oscar Jiménez of Mexico City said, "I found a nice tool that we're using on our Exchange server that has a lot of benefits." Jiménez offers high praises for Messageware's Plus Pack OWA 2000, which he discovered in October 2002, while at MEC in Anaheim, California.

Plus Pack OWA 2000 enhances your Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) experience. The software features spell-check and thesaurus capability. Outlook-style addressing capability lets you select multiple mail recipients from the Global Address List (GAL) and from public and personal contacts. You can compress attachments and create a personal signature that's automatically appended to the end of outgoing email messages. You can purchase Plus Pack OWA 2000 by the number of Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes or by the number of servers or CPUs running OWA. Exchange mailbox pricing starts at $495 for 25 mailboxes. Organizations with more than 1500 mailboxes can purchase OWA server or CPU licenses.

Protect Access to Workstations and Servers, Transparent Screen Lock,, [email protected]

Steve Shurber of Ontario, Canada, needed to lock users out of his company's servers but still needed them to be able to see the monitor and the print queue. He found a simple application that was useful and wanted to let others know about it. Shurber said, "Obviously, choosing Lock Computer from the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu clears out the screen. Transparent Screen Lock, on the other hand, does exactly what the doctor ordered. This should have been something that comes as an option with Windows. I have looked for something like this for a long time."

Transparent Screen Lock (TSL) from provides a secure password mechanism that controls user access to workstations, servers, and printer servers but still lets users print jobs and monitor server statistics. The software also works well at trade show demos to prevent system access but still continues to play demos. You can create a log file, which documents activity and logon attempts, document the time and date of TSL activity and inactivity, and list invalid logon attempts and attempted passwords. You can also use the log file to verify that password protection is enabled on a remote system.

TSL costs $24.95 for 1 to 9 licenses, $22.45 for 10 to 24 licenses, $21.20 for 25 to 49 licenses, and $19.95 for 50 or more licenses. The software runs on Windows XP/2000/NT systems.

TAGS: Security
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