What Do Windows IT Pros Do All Day?

Tell Us!

Just what exactly do you do all day?

Your kids wonder why you call it work when you get to play with computers, mess around with boots, and try to cheer up a robot called a server, which always seems to be down.

Your spouse wonders why you couldn't do that stuff you're doing on the BlackBerry at work rather than at the in-laws' dining table over dessert.

But hey, we here at Windows IT Pro care what you do all day. (Can you feel the love?) So go ahead, tell us how your day went. What do you do on a typical day in IT? (Or even not-so-typical day, perhaps.) Keep track of what happens on one day—maybe a Tuesday, because that's sometimes more interesting than a Friday, or maybe a Thursday, if things start to get out of control at your workplace by then. Make your IT anecdote funny, angry, or forlorn—heck you can even whine a bit, though for goodness sake, add some cheese to it. (To protect the innocent—or guilty—you can even use a pseudonym for you or your company, if you prefer.)

Send your “day-in-the-life” story to [email protected]. We'll draw a winner at the end of July from all the entries we've received, and he or she will get a free, one-year VIP subscription to all content on the Windows IT Pro sites. (To learn  what being a VIP subscriber means, go to Windows IT Pro and scroll down.) In the meantime, we'll also publish the day-in-the-life accounts we like best on the We're in IT blog at http://windowsitpro.com/Blog/index.cfm?action=blogindex&DepartmentID=1073.

And if you have ideas for articles you'd like to see, send us an email about that, too.

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