What are the current version and service pack level of Exchange Server?

A. Here are the current versions:

  • The current version of Exchange Server is Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. No service packs are available yet, but the Web Storage System Technology Preview for Office 10 is basically a beta build of what will be Service Pack 1 (SP1).
  • The current version of Windows 2000 is SP1.
  • The current version of Exchange Server 5.5 is SP4. Exchange Server 5.0 and Exchange Server 4.0 also have service packs, but you really should upgrade to Exchange Server 5.5.
  • The current version of Windows NT Server 4.0 is SP6a. When building a new Exchange Server system, install the latest NT service pack before installing Exchange Server. After you install Exchange Server and its current service pack, you need to reinstall the NT service pack.
  • The current version of the Mailbox Cleanup Agent is 1.93. You can get it from Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS). Note that a new tool in Exchange Server 5.5 SP3, the Mailbox Manager, supersedes Mailbox Cleanup Agent 1.93.
  • The current version of Exmerge is 3.71; it's available on the Exchange 2000 CD-ROM. If you don't have this CD-ROM, contact PSS or your Microsoft account representative, or download the (very large) evaluation version of Exchange 2000.
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