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Viewing the LocalFreebusy Message in Mdbview

If you're interested in looking at the properties of a mailbox's LocalFreebusy message, you can use Exchange Server's Mdbview utility to access the message. Before you run this utility, you must define an Outlook profile for the mailbox you want to examine. Start Mdbview and select the mailbox's profile. From the MDB menu, select OpenMessageStore. A list of the available message stores will appear and include at least the mailbox and public folder stores. Other stores, such as personal folder stores (PSTs), might also be listed if the Outlook profile includes them. Select the mailbox store and click Open. From the MDB menu, select Open Root Folder. In the Child Folders selection list, double-click Freebusy Data. In the Messages in Folder list, double-click LocalFreebusy to display the message and view its properties, including the 0x6869 property, which holds the number of free/busy months to publish.

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