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Using ExMerge With Multiple Languages

I recently consolidated two Exchange Server organizations. One had several French-language Outlook clients. After we used ExMerge to move these users' mailboxes, the new mailboxes had two sets of Outlook folders: one labeled in English and one labeled in French. What caused this, and how do I fix it?

When you use ExMerge to move mailboxes, it attempts to set the default locale for the mailbox. In doing so, ExMerge uses the active locale on the workstation from which it's run. In itself, this behavior is fine, but in your case, it creates a problem. Suppose you're logged on to an account for which the default locale is French, and you use ExMerge to move some mailboxes for Spanish-speaking users to a server on which the default locale is Spanish. The moved mailboxes will be localized to French unless you tell ExMerge to use a different default locale. To fix the problem, run outlook.exe with the /resetfoldernames switch. To prevent the problem from happening in the future, remember that whichever Messaging API (MAPI) client first logs on to a new mailbox will get to set the mailbox's language. If you're using one workstation to move mailboxes that use more than one set of languages, be sure to reset the default locale in ExMerge before moving each language's mailboxes.

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