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Using Calendar Delegation in OWA 2003 - 26 Sep 2005

Our school is rolling out Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2003 as the primary interface for faculty and staff. How can we use Calendar delegation with OWA?

OWA provides partial support for delegation: It doesn't offer an interface for granting delegated mailbox permissions, but it does give any user who can authenticate to a mailbox the ability to view delegated folders in that mailbox. That means, for example, that a principal who wants to delegate access to her Calendar folder will need to do so by using Outlook. Once she's granted those permissions to her delegates, the delegates can open the principal's Calendar folder by supplying the direct Calendar URL in OWA. This method means the delegates will be working in two calendar windows, which is a little less smooth than Outlook's native delegation interface but still gets the job done.

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