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Uncovering Hidden Columns in Outlook 2003's Address Book

While displaying the Address Book dialog box in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, one of my users resized several columns by dragging the column divider to the left, causing the adjacent column to disappear. How can she make the column reappear?

That's a tricky one! It took me a while to figure out.

Let's say, for example, that you were displaying the Global Address List (GAL) in the Address Book dialog box and slid the divider between the Title and Company columns to the left until the Title column disappeared. To recover the Title column, position your mouse pointer exactly over the divider on the left side of the Company column. You should see a solid vertical line with two little arrows pointing right and left. (Don't click yet!) Move the mouse pointer right a few pixels until it becomes a double vertical line with the same two arrows. At that point, you can click and drag right to uncover the hidden Title column.

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