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Troubleshooter: Troubleshooting Licensing Events in the Event Log

Since my company successfully migrated Exchange Server 5.5 to a new server, we've been receiving constant but irregular events in the event log claiming we don't have enough Exchange Server 5.0 licenses. Notwithstanding the fact that we upgraded to Exchange 5.5 long ago, we initially allocated enough Exchange 5.0 licenses and more recently allocated enough Exchange 5.5 licenses. What's causing these events?

The License Logging Service is probably the least used service in Windows NT. The service attempts to count the number of licenses you've installed for a particular product and compare that calculation with the number of licenses you're actually using. When the service miscounts, spurious events begin appearing in the event log. To solve this problem, turn off the License Logging Service. For instructions about how to turn off the License Logging Service, read the Microsoft article "XADM: How to Turn Off the License Logging Service" (;en-us;q316631).

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