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Troubleshooter: Speeding Up OWA 2000's Initial-Page Access

The first Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2000 page that a user requests takes a long time to load, even over our LAN. How can I speed up the process?

OWA 2000 definitely has more graphic widgets and buttons than its predecessors. The problem is that by default, Microsoft IIS marks each cute little object with a header that tells the user's Web browser to expire them after 1 day. So, the first time users load their OWA page each day, they must watch the little buttons appear, more or less in sequence, across the toolbar. To prevent this behavior, you can change the expiration time for the objects in the \exchweb\img directory.

Launch Internet Services Manager (ISM) and open the \exchweb\img directory's Properties dialog box. Go to the HTTP Headers tab. Then, either clear the Enable Content Expiration check box (which is enabled by default) or select the Expire after radio button and fill in a suitable value. The first action turns off expiration for the directory; client systems will cache the images locally until the systems run out of space. The second action tells the client's browser to throw away the cached image after the specified interval.

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