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Troubleshooter: Restricting DL Access

I want only certain people—not all email users—to be able to use a "send to all users" distribution list (DL) that I created. How can I restrict usage in this way?

Both Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 5.5 give you control over who can send messages to distribution objects (i.e., distribution or security groups in Exchange 2000; DLs in Exchange 5.5). Figure 1 shows the Exchange General tab of a mail-enabled Active Directory (AD) security group. (The Microsoft Exchange Administrator interface in Exchange 5.5 is similar.) To restrict which users can send to a particular group, select the appropriate radio button in the Message restrictions area. The Only from and From everyone except choices let you specify a list of names that can or can't send to the distribution object, respectively. For extra protection, hide the distribution object from the Global Address List (GAL) so that users can't see it.

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