Troubleshooter: Restoring a Clustered Exchange Database to a Nonclustered System

Can I restore an Exchange database that I originally backed up from a failed cluster server to a nonclustered recovery server?

Yes, but you can't use the /disasterrecovery switch, as you might when you restore a backup from one nonclustered server to another nonclustered server, because /disasterrecovery won't correctly update the nonclustered recovery server's Active Directory (AD) attributes. To restore a database backup from a failed clustered server to a nonclustered recovery server, perform the following steps:

  1. Use ADSI Edit to remove the failed cluster's Exchange virtual server object from AD.
  2. Install Windows 2000 on the recovery server, using the same network name for the new server as you had for the Exchange virtual server you just deleted (i.e., the recovery machine's network name must be the same as the failed cluster's virtual network name).
  3. Install Exchange 2000 Server on the recovery server. Be sure to join the same administrative group that existed on the failed cluster server.
  4. On the recovery server, create storage groups and databases identical to those you configured on the failed cluster server.
  5. Restore the databases from your backup to the recovery server.
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