Troubleshooter: Resolving Network Naming Problems

I'm trying to configure remote procedure call (RPC) publishing to work with Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000. I can connect to Exchange Server with Telnet, but when I create an Outlook profile, Outlook fails to resolve the mail server and mailbox name. How can I make this configuration work?

When you enable RPC publishing, Outlook clients can connect to your Exchange server directly, but ISA Server mediates the connection by inspecting each inbound packet to ensure that it's properly formed. However, ISA Server can't determine whether the network name resolution is properly configured. Outlook and Exchange both assume that the Exchange server's DNS and NetBIOS names are identical. For example, imagine your server is named EXCH01.mycompany.local, but its public IP address resolves to If your users type the public IP address into Outlook's server name field when they click check name, the IP address will be correct but the returned NetBIOS name won't match. To resolve the problem, put an LMHOSTS file on the client with the correct NetBIOS-to-IP address mapping.

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