Troubleshooter: Recalculating Routing in Exchange 2000

Does Exchange 2000 Server have an equivalent to Exchange Server 5.5's recalculate routing feature that will let me force Exchange 2000 to reassess which routes are available?

Exchange 2000 doesn't have a direct equivalent to Exchange 5.5's recalculate routing feature because Exchange 2000's link-state routing mechanism automatically recalculates route and link information to an Exchange server any time a link state changes. Stopping and restarting the SMTP service, or any network interruption, on one Exchange server forces other Exchange 2000 servers to recalculate routes to that server. Turning on and turning off the SMTP, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and Routing services on a server causes that server to forget its existing link-state information and to obtain new routing information from the directory (with updates from routing group peers). As a result, if you want to clear all routing information from all servers, you must shut down the SMTP, WMI, and Routing services on all servers—and you can't restart the first machine's services until you've shut down the final machine's services.

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