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Troubleshooter: Printing Exchange 5.5-based Mailboxes and Users

How can I print a list of Exchange Server 5.5­based mailboxes and associated users?

The easiest way to obtain a list of mailboxes and associated users is to use Microsoft Exchange Administrator's Tools, Directory Export command to perform a directory export. After you set up the correct export parameters, you can repeat the export at any time. (For more information about this process, see "Super Export and Import Tools," August 2000,, InstantDoc ID 9074.) You can accomplish the same thing manually from within Exchange Administrator by performing the following steps:

  1. Launch Exchange Administrator, then select the Global Address List (GAL) object.
  2. Make sure the View, All and View, Hidden Recipients items are selected.
  3. Select View, Columns to ensure that the mailbox name and associated Windows NT account are displayed; you can add any other fields that would be useful to you.
  4. Click File, Save Window Contents to save the displayed view as a .csv file.

After you create the .csv file, you can easily import it into Microsoft Excel, apply any formatting you need, and print it.

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