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Troubleshooter: Moving an Exchange Cluster to a Win2K Domain

I have an active/passive clustered Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4 (SP4) machine running on Windows 2000 Server SP1. The machine is running on the old Windows NT 4.0 domain. How do I move it to the new Win2K domain?

The best (and only supported) way to move the clustered node to a new domain is to rebuild the cluster in the new domain, then recover your Exchange databases to the new cluster. The Microsoft article "How to Move a Cluster Server from One Domain to Another" (;en-us;q269196) describes a procedure for moving an NT server, an Enterprise Edition cluster. Although the individual steps are reasonably straightforward, the article includes a lot of weasel-wording (e.g., "verify that there are no issues") and requires you to shut down all cluster nodes for a brief period. Worse still, because Microsoft doesn't support moving Exchange servers between domains, it won't support a cluster-domain move if the purpose is to move Exchange. Finally, the article recommends against trying the procedure on a production system, and I tend to agree. After all, if your up-time is important enough to warrant clustering, trying unsupported tricks isn't a great idea.

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