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Troubleshooter: Monitoring Another User’s Mail

My boss wants to receive copies of another user's mail. When I set up and tested a forwarding rule, I found that return and delivery receipt requests cause the mail client to generate two receipts: one from the original user's mailbox and one from the mailbox that receives the forwarded mail. Receiving two receipts makes the presence of the forwarding rule obvious. How can I work around this problem?

Using a forwarding rule is one way to get copies of a user's mail. However, as you discovered, a big drawback to this method is that the sender might get more than one receipt. Because the mail client generates receipts, one solution is to use a mail client that you can configure to ignore receipt requests. Outlook XP has this setting. Third-party add-ons, such as Grinning Shark Software's Watch Your Back, provide you with a finer degree of control. Another alternative is to not use forwarding rules. Instead, put the user being monitored in a separate mailbox store, then turn on message archiving for that store.

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