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Troubleshooter: Dismounting an Exchange 2000 Database from the Command Line

I'm writing management scripts for use on our Exchange 2000 Server systems. Do you know of a way to dismount a database from the command line?

Exchange 2000 includes a new set of management interfaces. In addition to the Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) library, Exchange 2000 includes the CDO for Exchange Management (CDOEXM) library. CDOEXM implements several interfaces that let you perform tasks relating to your servers, storage groups (SGs), and databases. Among these interfaces is an object class called IMailboxStoreDB, which has a method called Dismount. Your code needs to get a pointer to the server object, use that object to get a pointer to the mailbox store you want to fiddle with, then use that pointer to call the Dismount method. The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library offers documentation for IMailboxStoreDB and the rest of the CDOEXM interfaces at

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