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Troubleshooter: Creating an IM Router

I understand the difference between an Exchange Instant Messaging (IM) router and an IM home server. However, the documentation doesn't explain how to create an IM router. How can I create an IM router?

You create new IM routers and servers the same way—with the new IM Virtual Server Wizard. Right-click the Instant Messaging (RVP) node in the Protocols node of the server on which you want your IM capability to reside, then choose New, Instant Messaging Virtual Server. Complete the wizard pages, on which you designate the new server's display name, the HTTP virtual server to which it's attached, and the server's DNS name. The final wizard page contains the Allow this server to host user accounts check box. If you select the check box, the new virtual server will be a home server. If you clear the check box (or leave it cleared, as it is by default), the new virtual server will be a router.

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