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Troubleshooter: Choosing the Correct Database Diagnostic Tool

When I try to run the Esentutl tool against my Exchange 2000 Server database, the tool complains about a database version mismatch. Are my .edb and .stm files mismatched?

Not exactly. Three diagnostic tools exist, each operating on different types of .edb files. The Exchange Server 5.5 version of Eseutil, which Exchange 5.5 installs by default in \%systemroot%\system32, works with Exchange 5.5 databases. Esentutl, which ships with Windows 2000, runs against Win2K Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) databases, which Active Directory (AD) uses. With Exchange 2000, you should use the Exchange 2000 version of Eseutil, which is installed in \program files\exchsrvr\bin. Each ESE database has a signature in its header that indicates the database version, and all the ESE utilities are smart enough to warn you if you try to use the wrong tool on a particular file. Note that Exchange point releases and service packs might change the physical structure of the database, thus forcing Microsoft to update the database version number—therefore, you must use the version of Eseutil that matches your current version of store.exe.

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