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Tips for Using the Migration Wizard

Here are some additional points to note about the Migration Wizard.

  • The wizard migrates DOS and Windows MS Mail client data (e.g., .mmf files and information in .mbg, .mai, and .att files).
  • To use the Migration Wizard, you must be logged on to NT with an account that has appropriate permissions for the Exchange server you're migrating to. You need at least Admininstrator rights on the containers in which you will be adding, deleting, and modifying objects.
  • As with distribution lists (DLs), remember that the Migration Wizard can't migrate custom recipients from a different site to a mailbox in the local site. You need to manually delete the custom recipients from the other site, migrate the mailbox, and then re-create the DL memberships.
  • Make sure you have sufficient disk space to migrate the data. To accommodate the import size and the temporary files you use during migration, you need approximately twice as much space as that taken by the information you're migrating.
  • Make sure no one is using the MS Mail post office during the conversion.
  • When migrating to a .pst, you must either create the mailbox manually or perform another migration to create the accounts.
  • Before you start the Migration Wizard, make sure users synchronize their local schedule files with those on the server, and then reset their MS Mail and Schedule+ passwords from the MS Mail Admin program by selecting Local-Admin, Recover. This way, you avoid the headache of dealing with forgotten passwords.
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