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Tech and EX Trends Shaping the Digital Workplace

A Forrester analyst discussed digital workplace trends and clarified what they mean for employee experience, communications, and collaboration strategies.

At Unily's Unite 22 hybrid show last week, Cheryl McKinnon, principal analyst at Forrester, shared recent insights during her session, "Top Tech Trends Shaping the Digital Workplace," all of which centered around the idea of the employee experience. She identified three components that must cohere with one another: the digital employee experience team, enterprise leadership's increased interest in employee experience, and employee experience as a key driver in supporting anywhere work.

McKinnon then unpacked the data demonstrating what these digital workplace technology trends mean for your employee experience, communications, and collaboration strategies.

Employee Experience Rises in Priority

Forrester has noticed a rise in employee experience in terms of executive priority. When examining customer experience over the last decade, McKinnon cited The Employee Experience Index, launched in 2019, and described what these findings mean for employees.

Many organizations pivoted to improving customer experience through technologies, management strategies, and process investments —rules that govern investors' behavior so they can stick to the principles of their investment strategy. But then, McKinnon said, organizations started to realize, “hey, we need to turn this back on employees—we’ve got to create the same level of upskilling, investments, and fresh technologies available to our internal teams.”

Forrester uses three characteristics to measure its employee experience. The first is empowerment, i.e., how organizations define how employees can best do their job. She asked, "How can your organization use this new level of employee empowerment to help them focus on serving their customers?”

Inspiration, Forrester’s second characteristic, plays a major role in a top down managerial style in distributing recognition,” sharing results, or being transparent about goals and outcomes.

Enablement — the third and final measure — assures that employees have the right information available at the right time and place. “It’s also ensuring this information is trusted, authoritative, and employees have the confidence to make decisions and serve customers with that information.”

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