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System Requirements

All clients specified are Windows NT clients unless otherwise stated.

Lotus Notes


  • A 486 or higher processor (Pentium recommended)
  • At least 16MB of RAM (32MB or more strongly recommended)
  • At least 120MB hard disk (340MB recommended)
  • Windows NT 3.1


  • At least a 386 (386 or higher recommended)
  • 4MB of RAM in standard mode; 2MB of RAM in enhanced mode (6MB of RAM recommended)
  • At least 40MB hard disk (60MB hard disk recommended)

Microsoft Exchange


  • 66-MHz 486 or faster processor (faster is recommended)
  • 32MB of RAM for Windows NT Server (if your site is large, memory is your best friend--don't skimp)
  • 250MB to 500MB hard disk after Windows NT Server has been installed (if your site is busy, lots of disk space is recommended)
  • Windows NT Server 3.51 or higher
  • Windows NT Services for Macintosh (if Macintosh clients are to be supported)
  • Microsoft TCP/IP (if the Internet connector is to be installed)


  • 486 or higher
  • 16MB of RAM
  • 12MB to 22MB hard disk

Collabra Share


  • Pentium 90 or above
  • 32MB of RAM (64MB of RAM recommended, 128MB of RAM optimum)
  • 1MB disk space plus number of documents to be stored x 2 x 10KB (depending on type)


  • 386 or higher (486 recommended)
  • At least 16MB of RAM
  • 7MB disk space
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