Shredding Files; SBS 2000; and Office from an ASP Near You!

Several weeks ago, I wrote a column describing the process of recovering an inadvertently deleted file from my system using Microsoft's DiskProbe. Quite a few people wrote in to question my sanity for spending all that time to recover a file I'd created in 1 or 2 hours—you know who you are!

One reader had a different comment—he was upset at Windows 2000 Professional's implementation of Delete, which does not, in fact, wipe the bits off your hard disk. (He was also upset at me for telling people about this fact.)

For that reader—and any others who don't want their deleted files read—don't delete them, shred 'em! Check out Radsoft's Shred Perfect+ (part of the company's Extreme Power Tools line) here. "" Radsoft also offers a disk editor that is faster than DiskProbe as part of its Extreme Power Tools. For details, click here.

Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2000 is now in beta. SBS 2000's new features include a shared fax service, Windows Terminal Services (WTS), improved server status reports, and shared Internet connection with caching. The product integrates Win2K Server, SQL Server 2000, Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 (formerly Proxy Server), and Front Page 2000 with an integrated setup program for easy installation. Customers who purchase SBS 4.5 will receive a free upgrade to SBS 2000 when it ships this fall. For details, click here.

Microsoft also has changed its licensing terms for application service providers (ASPs) and is now making Win2K, Office 2000, Exchange 2000 Server, and SQL Server 2000 available to ASPs through a subscription-licensing program. If you're an ASP (or interested in becoming one), click here.

For the rest of us, the new licensing program brings new options for acquiring applications. Rather than buying an application directly from Microsoft (or a dealer), you'll soon be able to rent it from an ASP. For example, oddly named plans to offer Office 2000 and various entertainment and educational titles beginning in August. So will C Me Run.

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