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Showing Two Calendar Months in the Navigation Pane

How can I customize Microsoft Office Outlook 2003's navigation pane to show two calendar months on the left when I view my Calendar folder?

By default, the navigation pane shows a thumbnail calendar for just one month at the top, above the My Calendars list. But there are at least three ways to have Outlook show more thumbnail calendars:

  • Choose View, Arrange By, Show Views in Navigation Pane to toggle that option off. When views are not displayed, you should have room for two calendar thumbnails, one above the other.
  • Drag the vertical separator bar on the right side of the navigation pane toward the right. When you make the navigation pane wider, Outlook shows an additional calendar thumbnail next to the first one.
  • Drag the vertical separator bar that's to the right of the calendar display toward the left. The TaskPad will appear on the right side of the screen. You can adjust the number of calendar thumbnails displayed in the TaskPad by dragging the horizontal separator bar above the TaskPad up or down.

Unfortunately, you still can't make Outlook show thumbnails for last month and next month. Instead, it always shows the month that's currently displayed and the next months after that one.

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