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Retrieving the Other Contacts List

When I removed one entry from the Other Contacts section of the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 navigation pane, the entire Other Contacts list disappeared. The shortcut I deleted was to a contact list in Public Folders. I've tried to create new shortcuts to contact lists, hoping that Other Contacts would reappear, but no luck. How can I make the Other Contacts list reappear?

As far as Public Folders are concerned, the Other Contacts list in the Contacts navigation pane in Outlook 2003 can show only folders that are present in the Public Folders\Favorites hierarchy. The first time you add a folder to Favorites, either by right-clicking it and choosing Add to Favorites or by dragging it to Favorites, Outlook automatically adds it to the Other Contacts list and shows the list if it wasn't previously visible. To retrieve the Other Contacts list, right-click the desired contacts folder under Public Folders\Favorites, then choose Add to Other Contacts.

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