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Redirecting Email with OMM

One product that offers wireless email access is Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager (OMM), which runs on a desktop and uses the idle cycles to process a user's mail. OMM can run with or without Microsoft Mobile Information Server. OMM features

  • prioritization technology—a sophisticated rule system that uses a weighted set of criteria (e.g., sender, size) to forward only those email messages that meet the user's requirements.
  • IntelliShrink—a text-compression system that compresses longer email messages so that they fit in short Short Message Service (SMS) messages and consume less space in small mobile displays. The user can specify different shrinking methods, such as compressing white space, removing spaces, and removing vowels.

Any user can install OMM on the desktop as long as the IT department hasn't locked down the PC. You can download this free software from When you use OMM without the Mobile Information Server, OMM transparently forwards the email to MSN mail relays. MSN performs device-specific processing to render email messages in a suitable format. For example, MSN removes the forwarding headers. When you use OMM with the Mobile Information Server, OMM forwards email messages to the Mobile Information Server, which performs the same device-specific processing.

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