Rackspace Adds Archiving to Hosted Email Offerings

Email hosting provider Rackspace is now offering cloud-based archiving to go along with both its Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Rackspace Email offerings. Rackspace Archiving features unlimited storage and unlimited data-retention time, with data stored in multiple locations providing extra security. Search functionality lets you create and save custom searches so you can perform complicated e-discovery requests or simply return that important single message the CEO accidentally deleted.

With Rackspace, you can build your hosted email system partly on Microsoft Exchange and partly on Rackspace's own Rackspace Email, allowing you to save money and give individual users the email services they require. Rackspace also advertises "Fanatical Support," which the latest Radicati Group report on the "Hosted Email Market 2009–2013" calls "superb." According to the Radicati report, "Rackspace is an ideal company for new customers to work with, as it offers fairly simple yet powerful business-class email solutions that are hosted at secure data centers located throughout the world."

Rackspace Archving is offered at $3.00 per user per month. Rackspace director of product Kirk Averett created a video to demonstrate the architecture of the new Rackspace Archiving, with storage both in the Rackspace Cloud and with Amazon, which you can view below. For more information, visit the company's website.

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