Q. What are the major new features in Exchange 2007 SP2?

A. Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 2007 adds some neat features, outlined below.

  • Co-existence support with Exchange 2010. Once all Exchange 2007 servers in a site have been upgraded to SP2, Exchange 2010 servers can be added to the organization within that site. In addition, all CAS servers in the entire organization must be upgraded to SP2.
  • VSS writer for Windows Backup is now included, allowing the in-box backup solution to backup and restore Exchange 2007 SP2 servers. The plug-in is automatically installed during the SP2 install process and is also provided as WSBExchange.exe.
  • Enhanced auditing capabilities and granular controls to audit activities on the Exchange servers. More information can be found on Microsoft's site.
  • Enhanced AD Schema driver that facilitates enhanced validation checking and new attribute handling. See Microsoft's site for details.
  • Enhanced Public Folder quota management through updated Public Folder cmdlet, Set-PublicFolder.
  • Updates to many cmdlets to enable centralized management of many Exchange organization settings.

Note that as of the time of writing, there's a bug in Exchange 2007 SP2 that prevents installation of the service pack if Windows 2008 R2 domain controllers are the only domain controllers in the forest or if there are only 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2003 (no SP) domain controllers. There should be a fix generally available soon for the prerequisite XML file so that the service pack recognizes Server 2008 R2 as valid domain controllers. If you contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS), you can get the fix now.

You can download the service pack here.

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