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Q. How can I determine whether my server is running Exchange Server 2003, Standard Edition, or Exchange 2003, Enterprise Edition?

A. If you have more than one storage group (SG), more than one message database, or if your database is greater than 16GB, you have Exchange 2003 Enterprise. Another way to verify your Exchange Server edition is to open the Exchange Server Setup Progress.log file, which is located on the root of your system drive. Search for one of the following entries:

\[16:53:50\] Setup configuration information: -- ID:xxxxx --
\[16:53:50\] This is a(n) Standard version of Microsoft Exchange Server
-- ID:xxxxx--


\[16:53:50\] Setup configuration information: -- ID:62227 --
\[16:53:50\] This is a(n) Enterprise version of Microsoft Exchange Server
-- ID:62232 --

One of these entries indicates your Exchange Server version. I find it easiest to locate the appropriate entry by searching for the "Setup configuration information" string in the file.

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