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Printing Journal Entries in a Calendar Format

I want to print out journal entries in a calendar format to review what I did on a certain day. How can I do this using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003?

If you want to print in a calendar-type format, you need to print from a calendar-type view. It's not obvious, but you actually can create a day/week/month view of any folder in any version of Outlook. In Outlook 2003, switch to the Journal folder, then choose View, Arrange By, Current View, Define Views. Click New to create a new view. Name it Journal Day/Week/Month and set the type to Day/Week/Month. Under Can be used on, set the scope to All Journal Folders. Click OK to accept the default settings from the Customize View dialog box, then click Apply View to apply this new view.

While the Journal Day/Week/Month view is active, you can choose File, Print and select the Calendar Details print format to get a detailed printout of everything that happened in one day (or one week or any other date range), including the start and end times and all detailed notes that you wrote in the journal item. Web Figure 1 (, InstantDoc ID 46935) shows what the printout might look like. The one limitation I've found with this method is that, if the start time for the journal entry is set to 12:00 a.m., the printout doesn't show the correct end time. Instead, it shows the end time as also being 12:00 a.m. So if you use this technique, make sure you don't start any journal items at midnight!

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