Preparing for a Mailbox Migration to Exchange 2007

Are you planning to migrate legacy mailboxes to Exchange Server 2007? You’ll need to prepare carefully, and you’ll want to take advantage of a new wizard that streamlines the process
Step 1 Before you begin, back up your legacy Exchange servers.
Step 2 Consider upgrading to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, so users can take advantage of new features in Exchange 2007 that only work with Outlook 2007.
Step 3 Prepare your Outlook Web Access (OWA) users for possible delays when migrating large mailboxes that aren’t sorted by the date messages are received.
Step 4 Launch the Move Mailbox wizard from the Exchange Management Console.
Step 5 Use the Move Mailbox wizard to make choices on handling corrupted messages.
Step 6 Use the Move Schedule feature in the wizard to schedule the move. The wizard lets you schedule a move during off hours. You can also set the wizard to abort tasks after a given number of hours.
Step 7 After the move is complete, keep your Exchange Server 2003 servers online for a few weeks, so you can move mailboxes back to them in the rare instances where performance or compatibility problems arise.
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