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PowerShell: Create Exchange Server 2016 Mailboxes in Bulk

This Exchange Server 2016 article focuses on creating multiple user mailboxes with the help of CSV file and PowerShell. 

Step One: Create a Users CSV File

You need to have a list of user mailboxes in CSV file. You can create a file with the help of Microsoft Excel or any notepad editor. Use the following format; the header is important.


For example:


RabiaBuzdar,Rabia,Buzdar,[email protected]

Once the file is ready, save it with .csv extension suppose CreateMailboxes.csv.

Step Two: Import the CSV File and Creating the Mailboxes

Open PowerShell with administrative privileges and execute the following command to read the password for new user mailboxes.

$Password=Read-Host “Enter Password” –AsSecureString

When you are done reading the password, create user mailboxes with the help of following command.

Import-CSV | ForEach {New-Mailbox -Name $ -firstname $_.firstname -lastname $_.lastname -userPrincipalName $_.userprincipalname -OrganizationalUnit Users -Password $Password}

You are done.

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