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Outlook Tips—Multiple vCard Email Addresses

When I use Outlook's Forward as vCard command, the resulting vCard file contains only the first email address from the Outlook contact. How can I include the other two addresses as well?

A vCard attachment is a file with a .vcf extension, but it's really just text, so you can open it in Notepad to examine the fields. Open an Outlook contact, then choose File, Save as vCard to create the file. Then, start Notepad, and open the .vcf file.

In Notepad, you'll see that Outlook puts only one email address in the vCard, regardless of how many addresses are in the contact. For example, on my vCard, you might see EMAIL;PREF;INTERNET:[email protected] However, you can edit the file in Notepad to add two more addresses, using essentially the same format (e.g., EMAIL;2;INTERNET:[email protected],EMAIL;3;INTERNET:[email protected]).

If you save the .vcf file, then double-click it to open it in Outlook, you'll see that Outlook correctly picks up the extra address fields. To find out more about the vCard standard, you can visit the Internet Mail Consortium site at

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