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Outlook T & T: Linking Notes to a Contact's Activities Tab

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I'm using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and would like to know how to create notes and have them appear in a contact's Activities tab. In other words, how do I attach or copy a note to a contact?

The Activities tab of an Outlook contact doesn't display information that's attached to the contact. Rather, it displays information that's linked through the related items' Contacts field, which programmers call the Links collection.

Even though Outlook "sticky notes" in the Notes folder don't display the contacts as other types of items do, you can still link them to contacts. With the note open, click the note icon at the upper left, then choose Contacts from the pop-up menu. You can then select one or more contacts from any of the contact folders available to you in Outlook. As Figure 3 shows, the lowly note, despite its plain interface, makes available many options on the menu that appears when you click the note icon.

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