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Outlook T & T: Exporting a Contact's Mailing Address

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I'm running Outlook 2002. Each contact can have multiple addresses (i.e., Home, Business, Other), and I can use a check box to mark one of them as the mailing address. I want to export the contact name and only the mailing address to a Microsoft Excel worksheet or a comma-separated value (CSV) text file. How can I do that?

Outlook's Import and Export wizard lets you export the Business, Home, or Other address but doesn't provide a choice to export the mailing address, which might be any of those three. When you export contact data, it pays to remember that in addition to using Outlook's File, Import and Export command to export data, you can also create an export document by using any contacts folder as the data source for a Microsoft Word mail merge. As I explain in "Using Word Mail Merge to Print an Outlook Contacts List," July 2002, InstantDoc ID 25809, you should start the merge in Outlook in the source contacts folder, by choosing the Tools, Mail Merge command. In the Mail Merge dialog box, you can choose Catalog as the document type to build a comma-delimited list. While you're editing the Word document, use the Insert Merge Field command and choose the Street_Address, City, State, and ZipPostal_Code fields from the Database Fields list to obtain each contact's mailing address.

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