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Outlook: Sorting Flagged Messages

Can I define a view of contacts that displays only the contacts that I've flagged for follow-up for today? The By Follow-Up Flag view separates contacts that I've flagged from those that I haven't, but I can't figure out how to view just the contacts that I've flagged for the current day.

The trick to producing a contacts folder view that filters on the follow-up flag date is to use the Due By date from the All Mail Fields list to build the filter. (This suggestion might not sound logical, but a small number of Outlook fields, including Due By, can perform double-duty.) To create the filter, choose View, Current View, Customize Current View, then click Filter. On the Advanced tab, click Field, choose All Mail Fields, then choose Due By. Set the condition to today, then click Add to List. Finally, click OK, then click OK again to finish modifying the view.

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