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Outlook: Removing Phantom Contact Lists from the Outlook Address Book

Because of the way we update a public contacts folder with Microsoft Access data, each update operation entails removing the folder and creating a new one. The problem is that removing the folder doesn't remove the reference to the folder in the Outlook Address Book. How can we remove the phantom contact lists (one for each folder that's no longer available) from the Outlook Address Book?

Outlook provides an interface for removing an individual Contacts folder from the Outlook Address Book, but it doesn't seem to work. The only surefire solution is to remove the Outlook Address Book completely from your profile, restart Outlook, then add the Outlook Address Book back into the profile. I recommend that you then check the properties on the public folder to make sure that the folder is set to appear in the Outlook Address Book. A better solution in your case would be to enhance the Access tool you're using so that it works with the existing public Contacts folder instead of creating a new folder each time.

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